#9 – Making Sense of Meditation, with Charlie Jungheim (Hermes of Reason)

In this episode of Do Explain, Christofer speaks with Charlie Jungheim (Hermes of Reason) about how to think of meditation in a Deutschian Popperian framework. They discuss Kobe Bryant’s recent passing, misconceptions of death, coercive memes around meditation, the self, and other related topics.

Charlie Jungheim (Hermes of Reason) is a philosophy YouTuber, impressionist, and musician from Laguna Beach, currently residing in Palm Springs, California. He makes videos about Critical Rationalism following the philosophy of Karl Popper and David Deutsch and can be found on various platforms:

Website: hermesofreason.com
Instagram: instagram.com/hermesofreason
Twitter: twitter.com/HermesofReason

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