#14 – How to Be Superman, with Michael Ashcroft

In this episode of Do Explain, Christofer speaks with Michael Ashcroft about Alexander Technique (AT) and expanded awareness. They discuss the theory and purpose of AT, similarities and differences from other meditative frameworks, non-doing, bodymind, posture, mindfulness, contracted vs. expanded awareness, flow, and other related topics. They also answer questions from Twitter.

Michael Ashcroft is a teacher of the Alexander Technique, having trained for three years part time at the South Bank Alexander Technique center in London. He is also a life coach and energy system innovation consultant applying himself to facilitating personal as well as societal transformation.

Twitter: twitter.com/m_ashcroft
Newsletter: expandingawareness.substack.com/
Article: www.michaelashcroft.org/blog/how-to-be-superman

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