#13 – Chasing Homeostasis, with Marek Doyle

In this episode of Do Explain, Christofer speaks with Marek Doyle about the human metabolism. They discuss Marek’s six principles of health, the three stages of metabolic functioning, evidence-based medicine, the interaction between physiology and psychology, intermittent fasting, the myth of oversleeping, weight loss, exercise frequency, veganism, and other related topics.

Marek is a functional nutritional therapist based in London, England. He has spent the last 13 years reconciling the data from 2,000 patient outcomes and 9,000 test results to build a model of personalized nutrition, and has been featured by a range of media, such as Sky Sports, the Daily Mail, Mens Health and Marie Claire.

Website: www.marekdoyle.com
Instagram: marekdoylenutrition

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