#11 – A Window on Intelligence, with Dennis Hackethal

In this episode of Do Explain, Christofer speaks with Dennis Hackethal about his new book, “A Window on Intelligence”, about the philosophy of people and why we need a unification of philosophy and software engineering to continue making progress in various fields.

They discuss problems with current AI-research and potential solutions, the biological evolution of intelligence, why animals aren’t intelligent or conscious, psychotherapy as a software engineering problem, how to think about space travel, and other related topics.

“A Window on Intelligence” is available for purchase now on Amazon, and soon on other platforms like Apple Books as well.


Dennis Hackethal is a software engineer and intelligence researcher in Silicon Valley, California. He hosts a podcast called Artificial Creativity about how to create AGI and can also be found on Twitter:

Podcast: @dchacke
Twitter: twitter.com/dchackethal

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